3 Effects of Climate Change and your Pets

Climate Change is slowly affecting everything around us, and its effects can be noticed, impacting our lives at home. With climate change affecting our everyday life, it should come of no surprise that Climate Change is also affecting the lives of our beloved pets.

The effects of Climate Change can reflect on our pets; on their behaviours and activities, as well as affect the environments we take them too. It’s essential to be aware of the effects these changes are having, and understand the way they might impact our furry friends. Here are some things that climate change can affect, and some solutions for prevention to ensure our pets are living comfortably and happily.


Climate Change increases the spread of disease.

Changing temperatures are causing a shift in our ecosystems. With warmer temperatures allowing insects such as ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes to stick around longer, we can see an increase in the spread and prevalence of diseases. With these changes, there is an increased risk of severe pet diseases being a lot closer to home.

In order to prevent infections, it’s essential to have your pet adequately protected against these threats to their health. Seeking advice from veterinarians on appropriate preventative medication and vaccinations can help protect your pets from these risks. Similarly, seeking advice from other pet owners, or online websites, and news forums, can inform you on preventative measures, and provide you with information on how to reduce, and avoid contact with infested places.


Climate Change increases the spread of disease.

With changing temperatures come changing moods.

With the weather becoming increasingly more unpredictable, our pets might respond to this unpredictability in different ways. Since winters feel longer and summers feel hotter, our pets have fewer opportunities to enjoy themselves outside for long periods. This can make our dogs quite bored.

Finding a Pet Sitter or dog walker can help alleviate some gloom. The right person would be able to take your dog out on beautiful days, but also keep your dog company during inclement weather periods. This way, your dog or pets would still be getting the mental stimulation that they need to boost their moods and encourage their activity.

Buying your pets different toys that require some physical activity, and mental stimulation can also positively affect their moods and keep your pets healthy and happy.


Changing environments, changing activities.

With the weather being more unpredictable, it’s essential to know the right places to take your dog. Daycares and indoor dog parks can be a solution to keep your pet active for rainy days. On sunny days when the temperature isn’t too hot, a nice long walk on a trail or a beach would be a great place to stroll.

On hotter days, it’s best to take your dog out for shorter amounts of time to places like the dog park or water park to prevent heatstroke and heat exhaustion.

It’s best to take your pet to weather-appropriate places as the various weather conditions can have an impact on your pet’s health and activity.

Despite all the changes climate change is bringing, our furry friends can still be happy and healthy if we keep a watchful eye on their moods and behaviour. The increased prevalence of disease can be monitored and prevented by speaking to our veterinarians and taking preventative measures to protect their health. For their mental stimulation and to lift a depressing mood, interactive toys or hiring pet nannies can ensure your pet is stimulated and well-taken care of.

Finally, monitoring your pet’s activity according to the weather can benefit your pet’s health, ensuring they are comfortable and happy in the environment they are in. Keeping our pets social and playful, will keep them in a good mood, and give you peace of mind about their health!



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