5 Things to Look For in a Dog Walker in Plainfield/Joliet

Life can get busy, and sometimes we find ourselves having a hard time finding the time to walk our dogs. A hectic work schedule is often inevitable; however, a busy work week should not affect the responsibility we have to our pets. Our pets and their health and wellness are essential to their well being. When life gets busy, it shouldn’t affect the devotion you have to your pet. That is why hiring a dog walker is a great way to give your dog some company and exercise while you are away!


Hiring the right dog walker for both yourself and your furry companion can prove to be a challenge. It’s of utmost importance to find the right person to walk and get along with your dog, while also fitting your busy schedule. Here are a couple of things you should consider when looking for a dog walker:


1. Keep an eye out for references and recommendations.


Excellent service is not to go unnoticed! Ask family, friends, colleagues, and other dog owners for their recommendations and reviews of services. In addition to word of mouth, many businesses have a place for online reviews. Make sure you take a look at what people are saying about the service out there and their experiences on the web.


2. Proximity to your location.


It’s essential to ensure that your dog walker is reliable and is someone who will be able to arrive at their scheduled time. The fewer obstacles in the way, the more credible your walker will be. Inclement weather can affect travel times as well; however, the closer the dog walker is, the less likely they are to cancel due to travel complications.


3. Find out who will be walking your dog.


These days, some businesses hire amateur dog walkers and hobbyists to complete their services. If you care about who your dog is in the care of, then you should find out whether their business is small and dedicated or a large company with many employees.

4. Qualifications and Experience.


Once you have found the right business that suits you. The next important thing is to find the right person to walk your dog. Having the right qualifications and experience is very important in knowing how to handle a dog properly. This can be of crucial importance, especially if your pet has special needs or behavioral difficulties. Knowing that the person walking your dog has control, and a plan of action for any situation can give you peace of mind. This can allow you to go about your day knowing your dog is in good care.


5. Introducing your dog.


Finding the most qualified person is essential, but it’s also crucial to see whether your dog will like their new walking companion. It would be beneficial for you and your dog to dedicate some time and meet your new dog walker. During your meet up, you can discuss your dog’s behavior, mannerisms, and personality. At this moment, it is also equally as important to keep an eye on how your dog reacts and interacts with their new dog walker.


Finding the right dog walker for you and your furry companion will take some time. Looking at reviews and getting feedback from other dog owners can provide you with some insight. The additional work lies in the research of the company and individual that will be responsible for walking your dog. At the end of the day, ensuring you found the right dog walker will be rewarding for the time to come. The perfect match will sure to have your dog happy and set for adventures to come!



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