5 Ways to Prepare Your Pet for the Holidays in Plainfield/Joliet

The holidays in Plainfield/Joliet are fast approaching, and everyone is scrambling to prepare for the upcoming festivities. It is important to have all the things we need to entertain family and friends, but we cannot forget to prepare our pets for the holidays so that they also feel comfortable and have an enjoyable time. Here are some ways you can get your pets ready for the holidays:


Ensure your pets are well behaved

The holidays are a time of social gatherings and events. It is essential to have your pets well behaved and trained to ensure that they feel comfortable around the guests and also display their best manners to ensure a successful evening and event. Even though your home is first and foremost your pet’s home, a bit of training can go a long way and can create a stronger bond between you and your pet and lead to an overall better relationship. If you feel like your pet needs to brush up on their manners, research your local pet trainers and seek out recommendations from previous customers to ensure you’re getting quality service.

Manners and good behaviour are half the package. Ensuring your pet looks presentable is just as important. Bathing your dog is a basic necessity to ensure the space or room does not have a lingering unpleasant odour in the air. As happy as people are to see and interact with a dog, they are not as excited to be left with a dirty smell and a shirt full of shedding hair. Booking a grooming appointment for your pet can result in a show-stopping pet that turns heads!


Creating a Pet-Friendly Menu

There are quite a few foods that dog owners should not feed their dogs during the holiday season. It’s very tempting to share the food from the dinner table to include our pets in the family meal; however, it’s best for their health that they stick to their own dietary needs and necessities. For information on food to look out for, pull up a quick Google search to get a list of foods you should not feed your pets or try out a local bakery like 2 Paws 4 U Pet Bakery & Treats.

Since it’s hard to exclude your pet from the festivities, create a pet-friendly holiday menu that your four-legged friend can enjoy without risking the adverse outcomes!

5 Ways to Prepare Your Pet for the Holidays in Plainfield/Joliet

Going out – Plan Ahead

If the holidays aren’t held at your house this year and the event you were invited to isn’t pet-friendly, ensure your pet still has company this holiday season. Giving your pet this mental stimulation will benefit their overall health and will provide you with peace of mind that your pet is being taken care of for the holidays. You can ask family or friends if they can pet sit your pets for you, or you can admit them to a boarding facility that they feel comfortable. In addition to these options, you can also hire a professional in the Plainfield/Joliet area, such as an experienced professional solo pet sitter. A professional pet sitter can take care of your pet’s basic needs while maintaining their routine in the comfort of your home.


Get Rid of that Extra Energy

If the holiday gatherings are at your house, in addition to training and teaching manners, it is essential to take your dog out before the events begin so that your dog can maintain a less excited state for everything that will be going on. Taking your dogs for a walk or to the park can have significant effects on their energy levels back home. Other interactions, such as playing games with your pets, can exercise their mental and physical energy to ensure a less disruptive pet for when guests are over.


Pet Gifts

Like children, when our little fur babies behave, we like to reward them and treat them to something special. Buying the right gift for your pet can be difficult. Researching pet gift guides can be beneficial to you to help you choose the right toy for the species, behaviour, and temperament for your pet. The right toy can not only bring your pet joy, but it can also provide them with the mental stimulation to encourage mental development and exercise that they need.

With the holidays just around the corner, we want to ensure that our whole family will be prepared for the festivities, and the experience for our pets should not be compromised! Following these tips can lead to a fun and somewhat chaos free holiday season with a well-prepared pet that will enjoy their holiday too!



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