5 Websites Every Animal Lover Needs to Visit

funny animal blogs and picturesAnimal lovers usually bond quickly, over the mutual understanding and respect for all living things. Many people create bonds in communities and forums online, and it just gets crazy from there. 

We all know that nobody is safe from the internet, not even cute, furry animals. Especially household pets.

Over the past few years, there have been some major additions to the time-wasting pet-oriented websites, and it couldn’t be better. From old to new, check out some of the most ridiculous, unnecessary, yet awesome animal websites!

Texts from Dog:


Apparently, dogs can text. This guy gets some rude ones from his dog when he’s gone too long, then he posts them to this Tumblr blog. It’s wonderfully strange.

Kitten War:


My cat is cuter than your cat. This time sink of a website actually has you vote on the aesthetics of cats. Warning, only visit this website when you have nowhere to be!

Ferrets as Famous Video Game Characters:


A personal favorite is the Sub-Zero ferret from Mortal Kombat.

Bass Dogs:


Has no explanation, I can’t even…


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