About Us

The Pet Nanny Deb's first visit with a scared pup.

Nanny Debbie and Scruffy, chillin’ out!

Deb is an experienced professional dog walker and pet sitter and has been working in Plainfield and Joliet for more than 23 years. She is dedicated to the needs of her clients and their pets. She knows that pets need to be in their natural home environment whenever their pet parents are away, and she’s happy to help keep them safe and cozy at all times.

Deb is experienced working with cats, dogs, and other furry creatures,   in working with pets who need injectible medications.

Deb is also bonded and insured, so her clients feel comfortable with her entering their homes to care for their precious pets.

If you need to be customized services for your pets, Deb is an expert in dealing with many types of animals.

To contact Deb, please use our contact form or see our Contact page.