The Benefits of Hiring a Solo Pet Sitter

Hiring a pet sitter to attend to your pets while you are away comes with great responsibility. After all, you really should know who is coming into your home. Anything can happen to your beloved pets, your home and other property while you are away. Have you ever given thought to exactly how important it is to know who is coming into your home? 

Solo pet sitters develop rapport with your pets

Developing a rapport with the person who is going to be coming into your home is one of the most important aspects of hiring a pet sitter. A reputable solo pet sitting company will always provide an opportunity for a meet and greet. This not only allows you, your pet’s human, an opportunity to meet and talk to the ONLY sitter who will be coming into your home, it also allows your pet to feel out the person who he will be spending some time with. Let’s face it, sometimes humans and pets just get an instant vibe about a person. That gut feeling or instinct can be very telling so you (and your pet) should always listen to it. 

Solo pet sitters provide communication

Communication is KEY to fostering any good relationship.A solo pet sitter provides that for you. A solo pet sitter will answer and return phone calls in a reasonable amount of time. She will also keep you up to date of your pet’s experience while you are away from home. Photos, texts and even phone calls can be made to you while you are away, providing you with another measure of assurance that your pet is doing just fine. A solo pet sitter will also be very clear on what you can expect from her while you are away. There will be no grey areas about who is coming into your home or what services your pet is to receive. 

Solo pet sitters get to know your pets

A solo pet sitter will develop a quick bond with your pets.  A solo pet sitter will also get to know your pet’s mannerisms, quirks, daily habits and overall way of being.  Why is this important? The better your pet sitter knows your pets, the better it will be for your pet! A solo pet sitter can let you know right away if something seems wrong with your pet! This is especially important if you have a pet with medical issues. Furthermore, a solo pet sitter will become like an old friend to your pet, keeping him feeling comfortable and happy when the sitter enters HIS home. Would you like a stranger popping in and out on you?

Solo pet sitters provide security

A solo pet sitter is the most secure option.  You know you will have ONE person coming into your home.  ONE person will have access to your keys, your alarm codes, your garage door openers, your mail box and all of your other personal effects.  Larger companies may be passing around your keys, codes etc. and that’s not only not a secure way of doing business, it leaves you, the pet parent in a very apprehensive state. Who wants to go off to work or on vacation thinking about multiple people traipsing through their house?

What could go wrong?

Anything could go wrong when you choose not to hire a solo pet sitter. It really just multiplies the chance that something will go wrong. Pet sitter horror stories are all over the news and internet. Medical disasters can occur with multiple sitters coming in and out of the home. The pet sitter may not show up leaving your pet to fend for himself for hours or days on end. Your pet may also get lost, stolen or even worse, die at the hands of the wrong pet sitter. 

You can increase your chances of avoiding pet sitter horror stories by doing a few simple things. 

  • First, hire a solo pet sitter that is legally licensed to do business.
  • Second, demand all services rendered be clearly outlined in a contract.
  • Third, hire a solo pet sitter that provides a meet and greet. 
  • Finally, know the solo pet sitter’s communication policies while you are away.  

Hiring a solo pet sitter allows you to leave home with the peace of mind. You and your pet will know exactly who is coming into your home, when they are coming and you’ll know exactly what services the sitter will provide.  

To learn more about how a solo pet sitter can help your fur family, contact My Pets Nanny Deb, your solo pet sitter, serving Plainfield, Illinois and beyond. Feel free to look at our services page or call us directly at 815-405-5366. You’ll be glad you did. 



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