Reasons to Rescue a Shelter Cat

rescue cats in naperville Six-to-eight million dogs and cats enter animal shelters annually. Almost half of them are euthanized, due to overpopulation.  Of these three-to-four million euthanized animals, about 70% are felines.

Stand-up comedian Pete Holmes puts it best when he expresses why more people prefer dogs to cats. He explains that you have to earn your love with your cats, and dogs love you, “but, they’d also love a bag of sticks with your T-shirt on it.” This means more kitties are left in shelters than doggies, and so the number for feline euthanasia is higher. If you feel you need a new companion, fight to suppress the urge for the cutest newborn kitten you can find. Instead, rescue a cat.  [Read more…]

Why You Should Leave Your Pets with a Professional Sitter & Not a Neighbor!

10731985_SNot interested in taking good care of your pet?  If that’s the case, then go ahead and follow the poor advice from Chase Bank, as seen on the Shorewood Patch! I cringed at the sight of the title, as an animal lover and not as a pet-sitter; anyone who cares for animals would feel disturbed by such haphazard advice. [Read more…]

Common Questions and Coping with Pet Loss Part 2


Tips for Coping with the Death of a Pet

This is the second post in a two-part blog session about the pain of pet loss. The previous post covers common questions about euthanasia and pet-loss. If you have not yet read the first post, please click here.

The loss of a pet is a painful and traumatic experience, and the only reason we’re willing to put up with it, is that it is worth it! Loving your dog, cat, bird or whatever is an experience that nobody can take from you, and nothing could ever duplicate. Connecting with many pet owners and loving animals myself, I understand this pain. I’ve learned the best ways to get through it.

Below, you’ll find fifteen quick tips for dealing with the loss of a loved pet.

  • Intense grief is extremely normal. This pain can last for weeks or even months. Just know during this time that you are reacting the way anyone would, know that you are not alone, and know that you are not crazy.
  • Be honest with yourself about the pain. Don’t deny that you’re inconsolably sad; you have a right to feel bad. Express this pain and loss through art, writing, or conversation.
  • Remember the pet and all the fun times you had; watch old video clips or reminisce through photos with a few friends
  • As we stated in part one, wait at least a few months to get a new pet. You must take time to heal, as with all relationships.
  • Distract yourself to help ease the pain. Take up a new hobby or watch movies that will take your mind off your pet. For example, do NOT watch “Marley & Me”.




Common Questions and Coping with Pet Loss Part 1

When you make the decision to euthanize an old or suffering animal, it’s never easy. Even though it’s for the best, and you’re doing the humane thing, it’s often hard. Although nothing can make it easy, understanding the process and your pet’s perspective may help ease the pain and guilt, even if just a bit.

Common Questions about Pet Loss

  • How do I Know Euthanizing My Pet Is the Right Thing to Do?
    Some pet owners are unsure when it is appropriate to euthanize a loved pet; they wonder, “How do I know this is the right decision?” Well, the answer is simple, visit the vet! Ask a veterinarian for a professional opinion. However, ultimately, it’s your decision. If your pet is in pain and can’t sleep or live happily, and if there is no remedy or cure for his ailments, it’s time to let him move on.
  • What Happens When The Vet Euthanizes My Pet?
    Many people wonder exactly what happens during the euthanasia process. Veterinarians are adept at making animals comfortable and not scared; your pet will simply think he is going to sleep. This is a very gentle and humane death. This is a two-step process, though. First, the veterinarian will administer a calming sedative, putting the animal to sleep. After that, the vet injects a medication that will end the life in a quiet and painless way. The animal does not know his life is ending and there is no suffering. This is the best love you can give to your pet when he can no longer live a happy and pain-free life. 
  • Should I Adopt Another Pet For The Family?
    There are many different opinions on the idea of getting another pet after the loss of one.  Though this seems like a great way to heal and move on, it can cause confusion. You must give yourself time to heal; otherwise, you could end up resenting your pet and thinking of him as a replacement, which is completely unfair to the pet.


Check Back on Monday for the Follow-up to this post in a two-post session on pet loss.

Adorable Animal Photos to Improve Work Performance

According to the Wall Street Journal, employees who peruse pictures of cute animals at work actually perform better at their tasks. The benefits of looking at these heart-melting photos outweigh the wasted time it takes to view them. The study shows that almost half of the tested groups performed better after viewing photos of cute animals.

 What’s even better is, The Huffington Post UK recently addressed the same article, while adding forty pictures of cute animals to help you focus on your tasks at hand. To celebrate the best slacking excuse ever, I’ll highlight a few of my favorites


This Happy Couple-    3/28/2013   Proofs Hill Country Pet Sitters - 2 Pages BG Tree Service- Miller Tree Care - 1 Page Dog Years Training & Boarding Center - 2 Pages Signarama - 2 Pages BG Tree Service - 2 Pages Linda C Smith - 2 Pages Baldknob Marina - 1 Page CB Vernlund Photo Imaging - 1 Page D Van Baalen Art - 1 Page Delux Body Company - 1 Page Dallas House of Flowers - 3 pages Zeo Health- 4 Pages Larson Lighting- 2 Pages Cafe Physique- 2 Pages ALB Technology- 5 Pages Bargain Hunter Outdoor- 1 Page Unitech Applications - 1 Page T Basix - 1 Page Snow Lake Kampground- 3 Pages Revised Pauley's Pups- 1 Page  Edits/Rewrites Bass N Boars - 1 page (proofed the other 2 pages)  The Koala Concerned About His Health –Cute Animal Photos Help Employees ConcentrateThis Delicious Pear – Cute Animal Photos Help Employees ConcentrateThis-Cute Animal Photos Help Employees ConcentrateThis-Cute Animal Photos Help Employees ConcentrateAnd of course, this-Cute Animal Photos Help Employees Concentrate

*All Photos Courtesy of The Huffington Post UK

Advice for Choosing Your Pet’s Veterinarian

When it comes to veterinarian selection, the best thing that you can do for your pet is research several candidates, thoroughly. While word-of-mouth referrals are a big help, it doesn’t always mean that the vet is consistently amazing. The person raving about his or her wonderful experience may have not caught their antics yet.

Not to say that all vets are evil. In fact, just the contrary, vets dedicate their lives to helping animals heal and thrive. Alternatively, a select few vets out there are just lazy and negligent. Sometimes, you even wonder how they made it through college. Even though the good vets outweigh the bad ones, you must protect your loved ones from the lazy.


Imagine walking into an office, and it looks pristine; everyone is quite friendly. You would never know that their methods for sanitation consist of haphazard cleaning efforts. You can eliminate this worry by reading reviews and checking for professional endorsements. For example, a vet in good standing with the humane society most likely follows the sanitation rules meticulously.  Remember that just because a place looks clean, does not mean that it is 100% safe.

Caution & Experience

Obviously you should not judge a book by a cover, but consider finding an older, experienced vet. New and inexperienced vets may practice extra caution, but they’re still prone to beginner mistakes and learning experiences. Yes, they have to learn, but not with a being that you cherish so dearly.

Etiquette and Behavior

Do a search online to see what others think of the veterinarian. You’ll see if the vet does or says anything inappropriate in the off-hours. Check Facebook, if it looks like your vet is a post-grad party-animal, you might want to steer-clear. Hangovers do not go hand in hand with caring for living things. Furthermore, by running a search on your vet, you’ll learn more about what being a client is like.

A good example is a blog run by a veterinarian in “who knows where”. This vet was smart enough to leave his or her name off it, but it is still very upsetting to pet owners. “Vets Behaving Badly” is a blog run by a myriad of vets and vet techs. Sure, they think they’re venting about their day and making fun of the “insanity” that is the American Public. However, what they don’t realize is, they’re making fun of their clients; the people who give them their income. They’re publicizing the events of a vet visit, which should be kept private. This is a good thing to check before visiting your vet, because, imagine you’re having difficulty with potty training, or maybe you fed your dog something unhealthy. You didn’t know, and your vet should simply educate you, not judge you and publicize it. True caregivers would never mock pet owners for lacking a vet’s knowledge.

Finding a vet in Joliet IL

*Photo courtesy of

Sure, we all despise the people who leave their dogs outside for weeks straight, and other horrible things. does it right, whereas ‘Vets Behaving Badly‘ does it wrong.

Another thing to look out for is vets with ‘tude. They might not behave badly on the internet, but some vets will judge you right to your face. As long as you’re not neglecting or harming your pet, your choices are yours and yours alone. If your vet is anything less than respectful and polite to you and your furry friend, then they do not deserve your business.

To recap that’s cleanliness, experience, and etiquette. If you search reviews, look online, and ask around, you’re sure to find the best pet doctor in Illinois!



Tips from eHow!

  • Knowing that a veterinarian is well-educated and knowledgeable about animal health is important, but compassion for animals is an absolute necessity.
  • Although choosing a veterinary clinic based on location is tempting and traveling is stressful for your pet, the extra driving may be worth it to receive quality care.
  • Trust your instincts and ask for a second opinion if you think one is warranted.
  • All veterinarians who practice in the United States must be graduates of an accredited school of veterinary medicine and must have a current license on display.


Read More: How to Choose a Veterinarian |

Spaying and Neutering Your Pets

Every single day, I wish I could do something to aid the thousands of homeless animals that people leave unwanted and alone. New owners seldom adopt these poor, abandoned animals, which usually results in euthanasia. Puppies and kittens fall on hard times too, sometimes leaving them with nowhere to go.

I will never understand why people are unusually cruel to animals, and to be honest- I don’t think I want to know. I would rather spend my time in a world where people only love and care for animals to their fullest potential. In this imaginary world, everyone would do the right thing- and get their pet fixed (if necessary) at the appropriate time.

Many people refrain from the surgery for a myriad of reasons, the most common being the question of breeding. The truth is, you should make that decision before you get a pet. If you plan to breed your animal, then you must educate yourself on dealing with an animal that has its natural mating instincts. If you do not plan to breed, then you should commence with the operation as soon as your pet is ready.

People also avoid this surgery because it is exactly that- a surgery. This means an expensive operation, recovery time, and added care for your pet. It is sad, but some pet owners are in over their head and feel they cannot make time for such a process. To that, I offer a rebuttal: assisted care! Each state has several mandated programs and fundraisers for helping pets get the care they need. Your pet can always afford the care he or she needs to survive, I assure you.

I recently spoke with a friend who was having a bit of remorse about getting her dog neutered. She felt guilty, as if she was taking her Chihuahua’s decision to procreate away. Despite her own guilt and confusion, my friend did what was best for her animal- she got him the surgery. “I feel like a monster,” She said to me with tears in her eyes, “I can’t believe I did this to him, the way he’s looking at me right now- it’s like he’ll never forgive me“. It took me a moment, but I reassured her that he would live a much happier and healthier life. He will forget the whole thing in a weeks’ time- and he will not blame her in the end. She gathered her composure and put the e-collar back on with a sigh of relief.

He was not impressed.

Thoughtful and Caring Pet Sitter and Pet Nanny in Joliet IL

So, why did she put herself through the mental stress of watching her pooch suffer? She did it because of the outstanding benefits and health improvements. The ASPCA agrees as well, because on their website, they recently posted phenomenal reasons for getting your pet spayed or neutered.

  • Your female pet will live a longer, healthier life.
  • Your spayed female won’t go into heat.
  • Your male dog won’t want to roam away from home.
  • Your neutered male will be much better behaved.
  • Spaying or neutering will NOT make your pet fat.
  • Spaying and neutering your pet is good for the community.
  • Spaying and neutering helps fight pet overpopulation.

Pet Owner Responsibility – Financial Care & Finding Sitters For Vacations

We all know and love this adorable Microsoft commercial. A young boy admirably tries to convince his parents to get a dog with a power-point presentation. They immediately say yes, probably because it was scripted, but the idea is that they were so moved by the presentation that they simply said yes. The boy’s presentation had only three compelling reasons for getting a new friend- the parents stopped considering all options, and though this is media, it’s not far from reality. Think about it, if you’ve wanted a dog for ten years and your adorable kid starts begging you for one- it is not going to take much to get you to agree.

What you should realize is, that having a pet like a dog or a cat is just as much work as having a baby. Okay, so… potty training is easier and cheaper on an animal, but that’s about it. You need to consider more than just Microsoft Boy’s bullet points. He mentions protection, safety, and responsibility. However, the most important thing to realize is that responsibility is the priority in the hierarchy of pet-care. Responsibility is far more than simply caring for the pet; it means that you need to be accountable enough to refrain from adopting a pet if you cannot provide the pet with the best life possible.

This means more than proper bathing, feeding, and exercising as well. When crunching your numbers to see if a pet can fit into your budget… remember to factor in emergency vet visits, vacation sitting, and obedience school.

Another huge thing to consider is how many people are in your home daily, if all parties are out of the house at the same time, it may not be such a great idea. Just because your boss keeps you locked in a room for forty hours a week doesn’t mean you should extend that punishment onto your new friend.

Cesar Millan, dog whisperer, gives great advice on why dogs may act out. This applies to most pets actually, because as Cesar puts it- they get bored. Don’t be Brutus, take Cesar’s side.

So many times people have come to me, worried because their dog has picked up an aggravating habit. Maybe he’s chewing the carpet, or racing in circles around the house, or showing surprising aggression. And so often the answer is the same: Your dog is getting bored—he wants something to do. Dogs aren’t born expecting to be waited on hand and foot, with meals produced whenever they are hungry; no creature in the animal world is. In the wild—from the time they are babies—dogs have to work for their food. They have to hunt it down or go hungry. I like to tell people that in Mexico, where I am from, the dogs are thin but they don’t have psychological problems. Dogs have been bred over the centuries for different jobs—from rounding up cattle to hunting to hauling. When their natural instinct is denied, they become frustrated, and that is when they start to show signs of aggressive behavior. So do what your dog asks and give him a job. Put a pack on his back when you go for walks or create obstacle courses so he can put his scent-tracking abilities to good use. You’ll see right away how happy it makes him.”

Read more:

Animals deserve and need attention just as much as humans do, so ensure that someone is able to provide that daily. I love all of my clients because they are showing me that they are responsible pet owners, who do not leave animals alone.