Choosing the Best Pet for your Lifestyle

Are you confused about how to choose the best pet for your lifestyle? Choosing a pet can be a very exciting, yet scary time! This is especially true if you are bringing home your first pet.  Pets are a huge responsibility and therefore, a huge part of your life. Taking the time to think about how your new pet will fit your lifestyle says a lot about you and your family. Too many pets are picked up on a whim and thus end up on the doorstep of the nearest shelter. So, how about reading up on some tips to choosing the best pet for your lifestyle?

Lifestyle Factors

In order to choose a pet to fit your lifestyle, you really have to sit down and consider what type of lifestyle you are currently living, as well as what your lifestyle might look like a few years down the road.  You can expect many pets to live ten to twenty years and you should definitely prepare for that.

What stage of life are you in right now? That’s huge! How many hours a week are you currently working? Are you a part timer? Full-timer that pulls long hours? Do you work nights or weekends? You should also consider who lives with you and what role they will play in caring for the new pet.  Do you have a partner, roommate, or children that are part of the mix now? You should also consider what your household dynamic will look like throughout the years. Of course, no one has a crystal ball, but we often have ideas where we are headed in that direction.

Where do you fit?

Family status – single, married, roommate

Work schedule – part time, full time, work from home

Time at home after work – travel frequently, church obligations, kids in sports

Why do you want a pet?

Choosing a pet to fit your lifestyle also requires you to consider your reasons for wanting a pet in the first place. People have all sorts of ideas why they want a pet.  While many people just want to love on a pet, there are many other reasons why people get pets. Are you lonely? Trying to teach a child responsibility? Looking for loyalty and companionship? Need an exercise partner? Seeking protection? Your goal is to find a pet that might fit the bill, so to speak.  A cat probably won’t go jogging with you and well, a fish isn’t much protection. Catch my drift? So, what’s your reason?

Where do you live?

Choosing a pet to fit your lifestyle may be limited by your living quarters. The space you inhabit has a huge impact on the pet you choose!   It might be one of the biggest factors to consider. Do you live in the city, suburbs, or rural landscape? Are you a renter? Or do you own your own home? Do you live in an apartment or in a house with a yard? Are you in close proximity to parks, greenways and pet friendly venues? These factors have the potential to limit the size and type of pet you choose.  Unfortunately, these factors could also put your search to a halt.

Once you have assessed all of these factors, sit down and take it all in.  Ask yourself if you have the time, space and desire to properly care for the pet you have in mind.  If you are flexible, you have many options. Research the specific animal you are hoping to choose. What are their needs as far as interaction, affections, space, and exercise? One final huge factor is financial status.  Pets require financial stability to a large degree. You have to plan for basic supplies such as food, toys, bedding and more. The biggie is health care. You have to plan for well visits, shots, potential illnesses or surgeries now and down the line. Training, day care, pet sitters and taking your pet on vacations should also be thought of before ever bringing your pet home.

 Choosing a pet to fit your lifestyle is a big decision. This is not an impulse buy, folks.  Once you take the big step, be sure to reach out to us. We’d love to help you as you transition to pet parent! For information on us, please see our Services page. To contact us directly, call 815 405-5366 or use our Contact Us page.



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