From Tragedy to Courage – The Story of a Strong Yorkie Who Beat the Odds!

It’s safe to say I’m not alone in thinking that the news has been filled with depressing tragedies lately. If it’s not an incredibly sad story, its’ a celebrity who gets paid way more than me to act like they were raised by wolves (*cough Miley *cough). We need some good news, and luckily I have some to share.

A Yorkie-mix puppy was abandoned by his family…

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It gets happy I promise….

A family decided to abandon their dog in Naperville earlier this month. How a group of people can agree to leave their dog is beyond me, but it happened. The poor pooch was running away from some kids who were giving him a hard time. After that the puppy was hit by a car (okay, pheeew… the sad part is over).

Naperville Animal Hospital got right to work. They removed his severely injured right eye, cared for lacerations on his head and recommended a specialist for his broken jaw.

After a week in the hospital, Tragedy was ready for his new temporary home at the shelter, where he was renamed, Courage “for his strong spirit, survival instincts and willingness to learn to love again,” Wilcoxon said.

For the first couple of weeks at ADOPT, Stirn said she kept Courage with her and Wilcoxon in their shared office. “ | Read more about Courage (the dog formerly known as Tragedy) at the NapervilleSun

Originally named Tragedy, the puppy was rescued by ADOPT pet shelter, where they gave him the best urgent care. The puppy is doing well and he’s up for adoption now!


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