Grooming Your Puppy: All About Bathtime and Nail Clipping!

5479762820_cd186734e5_zWhen you first get a puppy, you’re usually focused on making vet appointments and getting all the new supplies. Make sure you pick up a set of foolproof puppy nail clippers, a dog brush, and sensitive doggy shampoo. With puppies, you should handle the grooming on your own and here is why…

If you go to a chain pet store, it’s sad to say, but they’re usually focused on throughput, conversion rates, and so the employees may focus more on getting the job done than caring for your dog’s emotions. Grooming is a terrifying thing for a puppy, so do what you can to make it easier on the pup. As he grows, the grooming will be much easier.

The day after the bath, it’s time to clip your pooch’s nails!

Hold your puppy’s paw and comfort her or him. Stay relaxed and the dog will pick up on your mood. This is honestly much easier if you have someone to help. An extra pair of hands can do the clipping while you soothe your puppy.

Inspect the nail and look for the quick, which is the end of the vein. You can see it in white or clear nails but not black ones. With the darker nails, clip small and slow and you’ll be fine.

If the puppy throws a fit, try to contain him or hold him on the back until he submits. This teaches your puppy that you are the alpha in the relationship and he won’t get out of grooming by misbehaving. It also helps reduce their fear during this time, so they’ll behave better during future grooming sessions. 

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