Reasons to Rescue a Shelter Cat

rescue cats in naperville Six-to-eight million dogs and cats enter animal shelters annually. Almost half of them are euthanized, due to overpopulation.  Of these three-to-four million euthanized animals, about 70% are felines.

Stand-up comedian Pete Holmes puts it best when he expresses why more people prefer dogs to cats. He explains that you have to earn your love with your cats, and dogs love you, “but, they’d also love a bag of sticks with your T-shirt on it.” This means more kitties are left in shelters than doggies, and so the number for feline euthanasia is higher. If you feel you need a new companion, fight to suppress the urge for the cutest newborn kitten you can find. Instead, rescue a cat. 


Important Reasons to Rescue a Shelter Cat

  • You’ll be helping the problem of overpopulation. While you help this cat, you also prevent future litters that could cause more homeless kitties.
  • You’ll support a good cause.
  • Most are already spayed or neutered.
  • Shelter cats often come dewormed and with current vaccinations.
  • These cats require less maintenance and training.
  • Rescuing an abused or abandoned kitty makes a happy ending out of a sad beginning.
  • As you give the cat the love it has needed for so long, you’ll receive an abundance of unconditional love in return.
  • This is your chance to change a life for the better; be a hero.

Okay so I convinced you, now what? Head on over to Naperville (Nay- PURRRRRRRR-Ville) and rescue a deserving kitten!


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