The Truth about Leaving Dogs Alone

dog sitter jolietMany people, too many in fact, leave their dogs alone for an entire workday. This isn’t good because dogs are social creatures who crave love and attention often. They need a physical response from people and the games they play in order to be happy. This means, even if your dog doesn’t destroy the house while you’re gone, it doesn’t mean he’s okay with being so lonely. If you have a life where you can’t make it home from work for lunch, and nobody else lives with you… then you need to figure something out because your dog is sad, lonely and bored. He or she could potentially begin to suffer separation anxiety, and even resort to retaliating behavior, like using the bathroom indoors or chewing furniture.

You have two options here. First, you can get another dog. Yes, I’m serious. Dogs are very social and the only thing they love more than humans is other dogs. What you can do is play with them before work, and they’ll continue playing with each other. About halfway through your day they’ll get tired and sleep until you get home. This is a happy life for a dog.

Secondly, you can hire a pet sitter. You have to time it just right though. Again, play with your pooch before work and tire him or her out. Then, he or she will nap until the pet sitter arrives. A pet sitter can take your dog for a brisk walk, and throw the ball around a few times. This gives your furry friend exercise and fun. When the pet sitter finishes and leaves for the day, your dog will likely sleep until you get home.



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