Top Five Animal Rescues in Plainfield Joliet

Are you thinking of expanding the family or finding a new loyal companion? Then look no further than your local animal shelters. In Plainfield/Joliet, there are plenty of shelters and rescues with all kinds of cats and dogs to select from. While looking for the right companion, don’t forget always to do your research and follow the shelter’s procedure to ensure you have found your new forever best friend. Below is some information on some of the best rescues in the area.

1. Hopeful Tails Animal Rescue

Hopeful Tails is a non-profit organization that is a volunteer-based in Joliet, Illinois. The organization started with a smaller group of volunteers from another rescue, who were inspired to make a more significant difference. A couple of years of dedicated hard work and Hopeful Tails became a foster-based rescue where you can adopt, foster, volunteer, or donate to help their animals. Hopeful Tails seeks to make a difference in the lives of abandoned, abused, and neglected animals. Through all their hard work, help, and dedication Hopeful Tails has rescued over 3,000 dogs, and have been registered and licensed by the State of Illinois Department of Agriculture, and the Bureau of Animal Health and Welfare. In 2018, Hopeful Tails was also named the Best of Joliet Award in the category of Animal Rescue Service. Check out their website for the profiles of their adoptable dogs and for more information on how to donate and help their cause:

2.Will County Humane Society

Will County Humane Society is a historic rescue as it is one of Plainfield/Joliet’s area oldest no-kill shelters! It is also running as a not-for-profit organization receiving no outside funding and relying on the help of donations from sponsors and the community. This facility ensures their animals are properly treated and taken care of, ensuring all necessary health requirements are met through the administration of appropriate exams and vaccinations for both cats and dogs. Their website provides all sorts of information, listing resources about pet care, services, and how to help out. In addition to this, you can view the profiles of their adoptable pets, and also check out their online store with custom clothing to support their cause, and continue helping animals:

3. A Tail of 4 Paws

A Tail of 4 Paws is another organization that began with a dream to do good with a couple of people fostering dogs, to presently expanding to be an organization run entirely by volunteers.

This organization focuses on rescues within the state of Illinois from Animal Controls in Southern Illinois as well as local areas. Along with their dedication to finding dogs in need, they dedicate the time to evaluate and train their rescues so that they may find forever homes. Behaviors such as house training, crate training, basic commands, and resolving adverse reactions are noted and addressed so that dogs are sent to their new families with manners and confidence to be a good dog. This community of foster parents and adoptive families continues to grow and interchange. Please visit their website to view their available dogs or see how you can help:

4. Perfect Pooches

Perfect Pooches is a Chicago based rescue founded in 2012. A majority of their dogs are rescued from Chicago Animal Care and control; however, they also receive dogs from other local animal controls, surrenders, breeder releases, and occasional transports from under-served rural areas. No matter what kind of dog they get, they are dedicated to their goal of helping you find and adopt the right dog for you and believe that there is a “perfect” dog for every family. If you are looking for a smaller dog for you or your family, then this shelter should be one to consider. Although they rescue all breeds of dogs, they focus primarily on the chihuahua breed. Please check out Perfect Pooches website for more information about their adoption process as they do not have a physical building, and all their animals are in foster care and to be viewed by appointment only:

5. Joliet Township Animal Control

Although the title ‘animal control’ is associated with negative connotations, the goal of Joliet Township Animal Control is to promote and protect public safety through the use of education and providing animal care. Joliet Township also provides sheltering, adoptions and pet placement programs so that the public is well educated, and their animals are placed in their right forever homes. What’s especially unique about this animal control facility is that they offer other community services at affordable prices so the public can have access to affordable medical treatments for their pets. They provide an affordable vaccine clinic, spay and neuter clinic, and discounted name tags and microchips. Lastly, if you have any uninvited guests, your local animal control can offer you a helping hand for an affordable price. Check out their website to view their local stray photo album:

You can also check them out and like their page on Facebook to keep up to date with their posts:



Whether you’re looking for a new family member or just want to help a local good cause, these animal shelters and rescues are sure to offer something rewarding one way or another.


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