Why You Should Leave Your Pets with a Professional Sitter & Not a Neighbor!

10731985_SNot interested in taking good care of your pet?  If that’s the case, then go ahead and follow the poor advice from Chase Bank, as seen on the Shorewood Patch! I cringed at the sight of the title, as an animal lover and not as a pet-sitter; anyone who cares for animals would feel disturbed by such haphazard advice.

Sure, you could save money by leaving your pet with just anyone, but by that measure, you could ask a friend to extract your wisdom teeth to save a few bucks as well. Maybe you could sell a kidney if you’re strapped for cash too. My point is, there are things you can relinquish to save money, but adequate pet care is NOT on that list.

Of course, maybe the bank wants you to cut back on your pet care expenses so that you can open up a credit card with 30% interest rate, but in reality, there are many advantages to hiring a professional pet sitter. Cut back on expensive coffees, walk or bike to save on fuel, but do not leave your pet with someone who does not have a legal and moral obligation to give your pet the best care possible while you’re away.

Now, this says to leave your pet with your neighbor, and not a total stranger, but that’s still not your best option! The problem with this is that your neighbor may be a great friend, but if they don’t care for animals, or if they don’t know what to do in an emergency, your pet can be in some serious danger. You’ll also have to factor in things that take skill, like giving pets medication or correcting their behavior. Not to mention, how well do you think you know your neighbors?

Pets, dogs in particular, can sense emotion and a part of me thinks they can sense an animal lover inside of us as well. Honestly, your pet is more likely to be comfortable around someone who loves to interact and play, even if it’s someone new.

If your neighbor is disinterested in your pet, or busy, they may just do the bare minimum, and your pet deserves better than that. Your pet deserves to be with you, or to stay with someone who will treat him or her exactly as you would. 




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